UnionJah University recognizes the importance of completing a high school program as a priority for youths seeking access to other programs. It serves as a fundamental stepping stone for students to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in their chosen paths at UnionJah University.

The high school program offered by UnionJah University opens doors to various technical skills such as plumbing, electricity, industrial mechanics, building houses, and construction materials. This comprehensive program equips students with the practical expertise required for these specialized fields.

In the beginner level of the high school program, students will spend two years completing courses in Mathematics 436, physics, chemistry, French, English, and biology. These foundational subjects provide a solid base of knowledge essential for further academic and technical pursuits.

Upon progressing to the intermediate level, students will complete their high school program within one year. This advanced level focuses on technical skills development and prepares students for practical applications in their chosen field. It culminates with an internship in an environment relevant to their specialty, allowing them to gain hands-on experience and work towards becoming professionals in their respective fields.

By offering a comprehensive high school program, UnionJah University ensures that students have a well-rounded education and the necessary qualifications to pursue their desired careers. This commitment to empowering students with technical skills and academic excellence reflects the university’s dedication to preparing the youth for a successful future.



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Take the time to perfect the laws and principle of the world energy and quantum diversification of fields


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The language of French as an impact in the present. we had the idea to integrate to possibilityto offer this language.


The language of English will benefit a lot of student all over the world.


We specialize in research and application of life principles. Courses in a variety of subjects that help you discover your goal in life and the power inside of you.

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