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Bobo Ashanti,or Bobo Shanti (“Bobo” meaning “black”[1] and “Ashanti” to pay homage to their Ashanti ancestors of the Akan tribe in present-day Ghana, known for its warriors),[2] also called the Ethiopian African Black International Congress (EABIC), is a religious group originating in Bull Bay near KingstonJamaica. The title of Bobo Ashanti essentially means “Black warrior”.[3]

What you’ll learn

The Bobo Ashanti are one of the strictest Mansions of Rastafari. They cover their dreadlocks with bright turbans and wear long robes and can usually be distinguished from other Rastafari members because of this.[4] While some Nyabinghi and Twelve Tribe of Israel Rastas drink wine and are either vegetarians or omnivores (eating plants, animals, and fungi), the Bobo Ashanti are all strictly vegan and stick to the biblical restrictions regarding their vow; they also add extra restrictions to their diet, e.g. they do not eat mangoes or sugarcane. Twice each week and on the first Sunday of every month, the Bobos fast. Almost all songs and tributes within the community end with the phrase “Holy Emmanuel I Selassie I Jah I Rastafari.” “I” symbolizes unity.[5] Bobo Shanti do smoke marijuana like the other mansions of Rastafari, but do not do so in public because it is a sacred practice to be done at times of worship.[6] Even though it is the “holy herb”, production is not allowed in the Bobo Shanti commune as marijuana used to be illegal in Jamaica, although it is now legal for use by Rastafari.[7]

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10 Topics in 15 weeks

Quizz 1er week- 10 % -Write anything about the positive and good side of Africa.

1-Homework after 4 weeks- 30%

Intra after 8 weeks-  20%

2- Homework after 10 weeks-  15%

Quiz after 12 weeks — 10%

Final after 15 weeks –15%


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