MS-0011- A Study Guide to Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Essential reading for students and health professionals in medicine, nursing, public and community health, dentistry, pharmacy, and allied health sciences, A Study Guide to Epidemiology and Biostatistics contains clear and succinct explanations of complex topics. Each chapter contains two components: the study notes and the exercises. The study notes briefly explain the major issues of a given topic. The exercises component requires you to apply the knowledge gained from epidemiology examples. In addition, self-assessment quizzes are available on-line. Successfully used by thousands, it is the one and only comprehensive study guide that will expose you to all of the basic principles of epidemiology and biostatistics, help you understand biostatistics and epidemiology without becoming bogged down in mathematical computation, and enable you to intelligently read and appraise the health literature. It is a must-have resource for those who will become users of epidemiological reports.

Quizz 1er after 2 weeks — 10%

10 Topics in 15 weeks

1-Homework after 4 weeks- 30%

Intra after 8 weeks-  20%

2- Homework after 10 weeks-  15%

Quiz after 12 weeks — 10%

Final after 15 weeks –15%


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