MS-017-Robbins Basic Pathology, Kumar,Abbas,Fausto & Mitchell, 8th ed.

Part of the trustedRobbins and Cotran family,Robbins Basic Pathologyprovides a readable, well-illustrated and concise overview of the principles of human pathology that’sideal for today’s busy students. This thoroughly revised edition continues with a strong emphasis onpathogenesis and the clinical features of disease, addingnew artwork andmore schematic diagrams to further aid in summarizing key pathologic processes and expand the already impressive illustration program.

Quizz 1er after 2 weeks — 10%

10 Topics in 15 weeks

1-Homework after 4 weeks- 30%

Intra after 8 weeks-  20%

2- Homework after 10 weeks-  15%

Quiz after 12 weeks — 10%

Final after 15 weeks –15%


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