UJU-PHARM 1051 Integrated PBL 1: Foundation, Nutrition, Eye and Ear, Integration

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Integrated PBL-1, is the introductory Problem-based (PBL) learning course and the first of 6 PBL courses in the curriculum. Students will learn to use the pharmacy specific problem-solving process and will be introduced to lab values, physical assessment and effective feedback techniques, all of which will be used throughout the other Integrated PBL courses. In the nutrition portion of the course, students will learn about nutritional needs of healthy clients and special populations. The roles, the daily requirements and sources of various vitamins, and pathological consequences of dietary deficiencies will be addressed. Special nutritional challenges in pregnancy, infancy, elderly, and grave illness will be examined. In the Eye and Ear portion, students learn the medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutics, biopharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics, and pharmacology, as well as the pathophysiology and pharmacotherapeutic principles pertaining to the problems and products discussed. Common problems of the eye and ear, including those of an infectious and non-infectious nature will be examined. Students will apply cumulative knowledge to a complex patient case.

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