UJU-wisd-cons-001- Introduction to Consciousness Studies From an Africain perspective

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Course Description: This course offers an introductory exploration of consciousness studies from an African perspective. It examines the nature and characteristics of consciousness, drawing on African philosophies, cosmologies, and cultural perspectives. Students will engage with indigenous knowledge systems, explore African conceptions of self and identity, and critically examine the intersections of consciousness with social, political, and environmental issues in Africa.

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Course Objectives:

  1. Understand the concept of consciousness from an African perspective.
  2. Explore the historical and cultural contexts of African consciousness.
  3. Examine indigenous knowledge systems and their understanding of consciousness.
  4. Investigate the relationship between African cosmologies and consciousness.
  5. Analyze the role of consciousness in shaping African identity and selfhood.
  6. Evaluate the impact of consciousness studies on social, political, and environmental issues in Africa.
  7. Foster critical thinking and articulate informed perspectives on consciousness-related topics within an African context.

Assessment Methods:

  1. Class participation and engagement in discussions.
  2. Written assignments: Essays, reflections, and critical analyses from an African perspective.
  3. Group projects: Presentations or creative projects exploring African consciousness.
  4. Examinations: Assessing understanding of key concepts and theories within an African context.
  5. Final project: Independent research or community-based project related to African consciousness studies.

Note: This outline provides a general structure for an introductory course on consciousness studies in an African context. Actual course content, readings, and assessments may vary depending on the instructor, specific African cultures and philosophies explored, and the learning institution.

10 Topics in 15 weeks

Quizz 1er after 2 weeks — 10%

1-Homework after 4 weeks- 30%

Intra after 8 weeks-  20%

2- Homework after 10 weeks-  15%

Quiz after 12 weeks — 10%

Final after 15 weeks –15%


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