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To reach out to the world views about reality, lies and myth on mental illness in the Rastafarians movement. We will expose the cutural background and origin of Rastafarians and prove that misconception are more related to black people then the Rastafari faith. As per Frederick W. Hickling said, ‘This negative view deserve to be challenged because it reflects a misunderstanding of the group and promotes the false idea that Rastafari beliefs are more unusual or deviant than the concepts of other religious movements. Notwithstanding these differing views, we wish to emphasize that Rastafari, like Christians, Muslims, or members of any other religious group, are capable of experiencing mental illness”. This document will explain the 11 topics that will be related to the Courses of Black Mental health in the UJU. Some social determinants are related to poor health in every communities. The Black people are consider as having the lowest score in the social determinants of health. This could not be apply to Rastafarians because the faith of Rastafari is share from million of followers all over the world and it do not apply to Black people only.

11 Topics on 15 weeks

HomeWork 1 is 10% after 2 weeks

Intra is 25% after 4 weeks

2nd Homework is 20% after 8 weeks

Quiz 10% after 10 weeks

Final 35% after 14 weeks


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