We are happy to announce the partnership with the OFC (One Full Circle) community association and club. The relashipship with both organization is more the seven years but with some implication like at Desta or at the OFC sites but not like this connection. We have made an historical connection in the level of Education and Heath.

This partnership will include the action toward the community to find the available and skilled teachers for the UnionJah University and also to create a setting that could be helping people with health care issues.

The main objectives now is to recreuit teachers and to present the creation of the available and opening courses for the future. The dynamic is also to see the present time and have to invest in lots of equipments for the courses in the program of technical skills that is fundamental.

The OFC will make post in the radio and on social media to discover the way to make all this possible in the near future. We also want to create meeting session of the UJU.

The future generation will benefit from this first and foremost unity and relationships between the UJU and the OFC people in the Black community. We want the University of Jah to be made by you, black people and for you. By black people it mean for them to regain confidence in themselves.  But in Rastafari and Yesus-Christos their is no colour and no race issue for us to be uplifted in the UnionJah University.

We assure to bring back the calendar and to bring back the clock. It a science from the old civilization until today, the forces of Unity is the will of God.


We specialize in research and application of life principles. Courses in a variety of subjects that help you discover your goal in life and the power inside of you.

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