Male customer at the pharmacy, he is giving a prescription to the pharmacist, hands close up


UnionJah University Faculty of Pharmacy Enhancing health and wellness through pharmacy education, research and community service. Through our work, we support the conscientious use of medications in society.
Making real time experience with Pharmacist on the field giving the best advice to their patients. The students in the faculty of Pharmacy will also discover the fundamental interdisciplinary works with their colleague the physicians, and now the integrated role of the nurse part of the community involvement.
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UJU-PHARM Social Behaviour and Administrative Pharmacy 1

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UJU-PHARM Integrated PBL 2: Dermatology, Respiratory, Gastrointestinal, Integration

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UJU-PHARM 1051 Integrated PBL 1: Foundation, Nutrition, Eye and Ear, Integration

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