The UnionJah University Launch Scholarship for our students  is an innovative, new program designed to empower and enable. Through the Scholarship, all youth will be supported in achieving their goals by receiving financial and mentorship support from UnionJah University and our community partnerS.

We are selling Ethiopian Coffee to cover scholarship. We decided to give 35% of all the profit made for the first 3 month of the Coffee.

We want support from our Partners to be able to sell 900 cups of coffee a days for 4$

The UnionJah University Scholarship for Youth will award 20 scholarships annually valued up to $10,000 each per year (up to 4 years) to UJU students across Canada, Africa and the rest of the World. Successful candidates will also have access to a range of services which may include:

  • Mentorship
  • Academic and career planning
  • Tutoring
  • Internship Opportunities
  • Networking

We want to ensure all future and present leaders have equal and equitable opportunity. This is critical to building more inclusive companies and communities that can achieve their greatest potential.

Now open for applications June 12, 2022.

Nomination Partners:

Rastafari gtoups

Rasta Line Design

Dazl training

Rare Haile Selassie Teachers’ Scholarship Gold Medal 1st Class with Original Ribbon. Ethiopian Medal, Ethiopian Order, Ethiopian Decorations

Scholarship are essential for the UnionJah University Administration

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