UnionJah University with A-town present the LALIBELAH FESTJuly 23rd, 2022

1er Edition of the LALIBELAH FEST 2022

3 Days -Camping 24 hrs site could in Sutton

Real Love Connections

Prosperity to all Montreal Artists- One Love

3 days with full Celebration and Shows


We making a complete show with BBoy dancers

Beatbox specialist

Bartendaz training session

Wall for Graffers

U-YUM Coffee service. Ethiopian Coffee

Haitien Food, Trini Food, Canadien Food

Try to have drink from Heinneken or Liquor


1 er day July 22nd Friday

Installation 12h

Show ouverture with Reggae-Hip hop Collaborations 1h to 6h pm

DJ et Hip Hop 6-8h pm 

8 hpm Dancer Braker or West can

Hip hop culture show and Reggae Culture show 

5 Artists  jusqu a 1H AM hrs du matin

Rest for the night 

2 ieme jour -23 Juillet 2022 – biggest day

Coffee Morning breakfast

Bartendaz exercices 9 to 12 h am

12 hr Prayers for Haile Selassie I earth Strong

Nyambingi druming

Opening UnionJah University faculty

Earth Strong Dada -Melchisedeck cake

untill 1h30 pm

Show start at 2h pm

Hip hop with A-town first set of Artist  

Reggae with Uptown artist 4-6 h pm

Various artists from 6-9 h pm

DJ- breakdance, show , beat box, 9-10h pm

Big Artist spot show Reggae with Stars 10-12h pm

Big Artist spot Show Hip hop from 12-02h am

Mix various artist from 2h AM and Dj, Freestyle

3 er day Sunday July 24 

Coffee Morning breakfast

Bartendaz exercices 9 to 12 h am

Artist Hip hop 12- 2h pm

Artist Reggae 2-4 hpm

Mix freestyle Artist 4-8h pm depending if more Artists want to perform

10h pm end of Bash


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